Friday, March 18, 2011

Build Log 3 - Humber Scout Car Mk. I

Here is the latest update on my Humber build. The interior has been completed, weathered and some aftermarket stowage added. Fitting the roof was a little tricky as the fit is a little bit off, a little putty and sanding will be needed before primer. I have added some of the PE detail to include the racks for the gas cans and the hatch stop. When mounting the front lights, I noticed the plastic mounting brackets(C42) did not match the images I had. After examining the photo etched parts, I notice that the proper brackets(P32) were there, but they are not mentioned in the instructions. And after reviewing the instructions and looking at the PE parts, I notice there are a lot of PE parts not mentioned in the instructions, and some of the parts are a mystery. So I used the PE brackets and added a little fine jewelry wire for detail.

Next up is to complete the exterior detail and prime.

Here is the link to the rest of the build pictures

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