Saturday, October 15, 2011

Build Log 4 - Dragon Panzer IV Ausf G

Done!!! The model was weathered using Mig Washes and Pigments. One method I like to use to add pigment, is to mix the pigment with a little water, making a paste. I then apply this paste using a soft brush where I need it. When dry you can use a stiffer brush to start taking some off. By leaving some on, it looks more like caked on mud. After all the weathering, it was given a final coat of Testor Flat Clear spray.


The Mechanic said...

Hi Kevin

Very nice build. The winter camo looks good, never tried it myself before. I must try it sometime on one of my other kits.
Got a Dragon Ausf.H with side skirts in my stash of kits. Did yours have the Magic Tracks? Just wondering how they went together.

Kevin B. said...

Yes, came with two little baggies of magic track. Great to work with.

Przemo Mro┼╝ek said...


Nice one :) I love that hand painted number.

Regards from Poland