Sunday, August 28, 2011

Build Log - Dragon Panzer IV Ausf G

Well above is the start of my Panzer IV Ausf G. It is a nice kit from Dragon, good detail, some PE parts and Magic Track. I wanted to keep most of the hatches open, so I added the interior detail from Verlinden. The Verlinden kit is a resin kit, but lacks any real instructions. I have had to use a lot of reference material for the interior. The interior has gone together quite well. All resin pieces were washed using Sunlight dishsoap and water. I used a thin and medium CA for the assembly. With most parts in, except the engine sub-assembly, I coated with Tamiya Fine Primer. The interior was then airbrushed with Vallejo Air, Hemp, oversprayed with Tamiya white for the light colors, and Vallejo Air Hull Red and Oxide (mixed 50/50) for the primer color. The light area wash then given a wash with Mig Cold Grey Wash. The engine and gear box, and other detail was then handed painted with Vallejo paints. The engine and gear box where then given a wash of Mig Dark Wash, and a little dry brushing.

It should be noted that the Dragon instructions are not all that great, for example, the breach assembly is shown to go on upside down. So remember to dry fit as you go, and look at any reference shots as you go.

Next step is to move on to the exterior.

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