Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Year Project - Chevrolet 15-CWT

Well it is a new year, and this is my first post, sorry for the delay.  Been working alot, and doing some reviews for Kitmaker Network.

So time for a new project.  This time around an older kit, Italeri's Chevrolet 15-CWT.  This originally was an old Peerless kit, with Italeri buying the molds.  You can tell that it is an older kit, molding is not as crisp and lots of flash.  Nothing that can't be cleaned up and used to build a decent model.  I have decided to add a little photo etched detail using the Eduard Details kit.  The PE set is originally for the Italeri Quad Gun Tractor, but there are some usable parts.

So I have started the basic construction of the frame, as per the instructions.  Everything so far is straight forward, just cleaning up some flash and sanding down some seams.  The fits is surprisingly good for a kit of this generation.  I am impressed so far.

So up next, I will move the cab, where we will start to add some PE detail.

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