Sunday, January 29, 2012

Airfix Club Kit - little planes, lots of fun

About six months ago, I decided to join the Airfix Club.  Not only do I get monthly updates, a monthly magazine, special offers, but I got a free kit when I joined.  It was a duo kit, 1/72 F86 Sabre and Mig-15.  These are nice little kits on their own, but together tell a story of air war in Korea.

The kits are well detailed, engraved panel lines, and colorful decals.  On top of all that, they go together very well, very little seams to fill, great fit.  The Sabre was primed with Vallejo Black Primer and airbrushed various shade of Alclad Aluminum.  The Mig, was primed with Vallejo Grey Primer, and painted with Vallejo Air.  I had started with the Sand color, used Blue tack for masking, then did the Dark Green, more blue tack, then the lighter green.  I liked the way it came out.

Now I wanted to display them, well a block of would, some piano wire, hole in the bottom of each plane and little epoxy.

Voila, nice little display of Korea War era air power.


Kevin Boodts said...

Nice little kits. Airfix is regaining it's old glamour I think. Well built models!

The Mechanic said...

Hi Kevin

They look very good. I have these two models myself, plan to build them sometime. This years model arrived last week, it is a 1/48th scale Me Bf109 in either RAF or Japanese colours. Of cause it will have to be the RAF version I'll do.

I'll have to try the Blutac method for camo sometime, never tried it yet.