Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Canadian Stuart V

Well it has been a while, but life, Christmas upcoming and of course, some modelling.  I have managed to finish my AFV Club M3A2 Stuart V, dressed up in Canadian Grenadier Guards colors.  The AFV Club kit is great, goes together very well, I added a Eduard PE set to add a little more detail.  The Eduard PE set adds tie-down, smoke launcher, .30 Cal barrel, and other detail.  It is a quite extensive set that adds great depth to the model.

As usual for me with Allied armor, I painted the model with Testors Military Master Acrylic Olive Drab.  In my opinion, it best creates the color of Allied armor.  The decals are from UltraCast, are were applied between a couple of coats of Future.  I then applied washes from Mig and pigments from Vallejo.

This tank was build for another campaign on Armorama.