Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bf 110D-3 - Build Log 1

Well I have started on my CyberHobby WingTech (Dragon) 1/48 Bf 110D-3. Upon opening the box I was in awe with the amount of pieces. The kit contains photo etched, as well as good cockpit, gun bay, and engine details. The instructions looked well laid out.

So on with the build. I started with the cockpit, straight forward, and pieces fit well. One issue was the pieces that mount the magazines to the 20mm cannons(F11) were not on the sprue, not in the bag, and not in the box. Upon examining the sprue, it looks like an issue with the molding process. I just scratch build(carved) a couple more, and moved on. Photo etched seat belts were bent and glued into place with CA. Cockpit was airbrushed with a dark grey, then weather with a silver pencil crayon, black was, and dry brushing with lighter shades of grey.

Fitting the cockpit into the fuselage was a little tricky, fit not perfect. I would suggest to glue the sides of the cockpit walls on just before you mount in fuselage, so there is a little play in the glue to get a good fit.

The forward gun bays went together very well, no issue. As the included engines. It should be note that they do give you two engines, but they are from the same molds, thus the piping and all are on the same side for both engines, this becomes an issue when mating up to the firewalls, one fits good, the other is backwards. Since I only plan at showing off on engine, it was not a problem for me.

One to right wing. The instructions for the engine nacelle lists the wrong pieces, so be careful and dry fit as you go. Also, there is a major issue with mounting the nacelle, wheel well; the upper half of the wing was a little warped and there was some fit issues. A few clamps and tape and I will let you know how it went next update, as it is drying as I type this.

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The Mechanic said...

I picked up one of Dragon's Bf110's over the weekend. It's the Bf110D-1/R1 "Dackelbauch", very nice detail in it including the engines. A friend of mine got one himself.

How is your one doing?