Thursday, March 31, 2011

Been out of town....

Sorry no new updates on anything I have been working on, as I was on a family trip. Visited the big city of Toronto, and of course I found some time to hit a hobby store or two. Some honorable mentions were Dailey Hobbies, just outside of Toronto in Whitby and Hornet Hobbies in Toronto.

Dailey Hobbies is located in Whitby, On just a little off the main drag. Very nice store, clean, well organized and very well stocked. Think I spend an hour just browsing. Lots of kits to look at, new and old stuff. Not very much in aftermarket parts, but I am sure they can be ordered with ease. Staff was very friendly and prices were fair. I managed to find a Eduard 1/48 Sopwith Camel kit to add to my collection, that may make it close to the top of the "to do" pile.

Hornet Hobbies, is in the west end of Toronto, well stocked, with lots to look at. Plenty of aftermarket stuff, to include Alpine figures. Not the most organized or clean store, but plenty to keep your attention for a while.

I also visited NorthStar Hobbies, in Mississauga. Not a great selection, but good, alot of older kits. From their website, I expected much more. I was not totally disappointed, picked up a Dragon 1/35 Panzer IV Ausf. G kit, which will get the winter white paint when I get around to building it.

I look at the stores I saw in Toronto, and wish just one store in the Ottawa area could be stocked like the store I saw in Toronto. I understand the population difference, supply and demand, and all that, but there are LOTS of stores in Toronto, and only TWO in Ottawa, I think one store that stocks like the bigger city stores in our area would do very well. I tend to find my stuff online, as I can't find it in my local shops. If I could find it local I would buy it, even if the prices are a "little" higher. Ok, I will stop ranting now........

All in all a great trip, but hopefully back to modelling real soon.

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