Monday, April 25, 2011

On my Workbench - Build log

Well been doing a little work here and there.

My Humber is nearing completion, painted and weathered. The model was painted using Testor Military Masters Olive Drab, airbrushed, then different types of weathering to bring out the final finish. I applied an oil dot filter with blue and yellow, following by some pin washing using Mig Dark Wash. I then used a fine brush and silver pencil crayon to add some scuffing. Pastel powder was used to add dirt and dust. All sealed with Testors Flat clear spray.

As for my Bf 110D, most of the construction is complete. I have found the instructions very poor in terms of part numbers, I had to carefully pull some pieces apart and re-glue, this is especially true, when they indicate to make two of the same piece. I worked through it, and and a little putty, am now ready for primer.

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