Sunday, October 30, 2011

Build Log 1 - AFV Club Stuart V

Well starting another campaign on Armorama for Allied Vehicles.  So I decided I wanted a smaller tank, after a search of the shelves at my local Hobby Shop, Hobby House, I came across a 1/35 M3A3 Stuart.  Knowing most allies used this tank during WW2, I decided I will build the Stuart V version, and will be applying Canadian 2nd Armor Brigade markings, for North West Europe.

Opening the box, I found a very well molded kit, very little flash.  The kit did come with a few PE pieces, but I did purchase the Eduard PE set.  Also the kit comes with rubber tracks, so I decided to order the link set from AFV Club.  One nice piece is the include aluminum barrel.

I started with making the bogeys, going together very well.  After which, the hull, this is where most of the PE goes.  All the individual tie downs, about 35 of them, were attached using CA, after having to scrape off the molded on ones.  The PE set really adds to the kit.  Work has started on the turret.  The breach required a little putty to fill the gap, but most went together pretty straight forward.

Next up to complete the turret and continue with the detail.

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