Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Work Frame

Ever try to work on the bottom of your model, plane flipping back and forth on the tail?  Or break off an important piece?  Well I have done that, and have muttered a few curses.  Recently while looking at pics online, at my one of my favorite sites, AeroScale, I saw pics being displayed of the bottom of the aircraft, on what I would say resembles an overhead crane frame.  I thought, now something like that would be great to support a model while working on it.  So I open my drawer with my extra stryene to see what I could do. 

Well after a little cutting and gluing....this is what I came up with

Using some plastic i-beams and strip pieces I constructed this handy tool.  I just glued some scrap felt on the top to protect any paint that may have been applied.  I can see this as a good use for applied decals to the bottom.  So another tool to clutter the model desk and provide that extra hand when needed.

I will have to give credit to BlackWidow from AeroScale forums for providing the idea.

Do you have any ideas?  Give them a try and let me know how they work out.


The Mechanic said...

Great idea, it is a sod when you damage an aircraft when working on it. I use some foam where I've carved out a channel along the length, which is idea for smaller aircraft.

I think I might build one of these myself, especially for the large bombers and larger scale models.

Is that a 1/72nd scale Lancaster on yours?

Ragnus said...

Yes, the Hasegawa kit.